Community and Neighborhood Groups

As part of our vision for the Harrisonburg community, we strive to improve resident health with greater access to healthy food and create sustainable modes of transportation that allow for increased physical activity. These are two primary initiatives we have worked on with other residents and neighborhoods.

We have worked with New Community Project’s Vine and Fig to support the creation of four community gardens in underserved neighborhoods. Additionally, we are working with community members as well as the city to continue construction on the Northend Greenway, an off-roads, citywide bike path running parallel to Black’s Run. It will connect many different areas of Harrisonburg to downtown businesses and universities.

We have also been working with mobile home communities to connect residents to home weatherization services providing by Community Housing Partners. We have a goal of weatherizing at least one home per community in Harrisonburg.

As a coalition, we actively try to be inclusive and think about how to make resources – like healthy foods, sustainable transportation and energy efficiency services – accessible to those who need it most. When we plan for the least of us we make the world better for all of us.