City of Harrisonburg

Renew Rocktown works alongside the city in many different capacities to effectively accomplish a healthier, greener and just vision for Harrisonburg.

We successfully lobbied the city of Harrisonburg to create an Environmental Performance Standards and Advisory Committee (EPSAC). This committee, which has four members of Renew Rocktown on it, provides guidance to City Council on how to set and meet the environmental standards within public development, as well as the private sector. Currently, EPSAC is working on: drafting a socially just climate action plan, developing energy and building performance standards, and creating incentives for the private sector to reduce emissions.   

Our members have also worked with the city in informing the latest comprehensive plan for the city of Harrisonburg. We had six members selected to serve on planning committees for updating the goals and objectives for the comprehensive plan to match a more environmentally sustainable agenda.

We have visited other cities to learn about their sustainability efforts, and we have hosted different speakers to share their knowledge with residents and city council.