About Us

What we do

We believe that individuals and communities have the power to create a brighter future in which human life is not dependent on environmental degradation.

We are composed of five squads that address specific parts of our vision for the Harrisonburg community: the energy efficiency squad, the climate action plan squad, the regional renewable energy squad, the outreach and education squad, and the sustainable transportation squad. Learn more about our current projects to see what our squads are working on.

We recognize that this work can be tough and exhausting to accomplish, which is why we believe in bringing a positive spirit and enthusiasm to all of our projects. For any work to be truly self-sustaining, it has to be fun! We always welcome new members who want to expand and fulfill a vision for a healthier and safer community. If you see your work aligning with ours, let us know how we could support one another. Or if you just want to help out, here’s how to get involved.

With a fierce dedication to future generations we envision a higher quality of life for all, that includes:

  • Clean rivers
  • Dignified and sustainable jobs
  • Healthy and secure food
  • Accessible and sustainable energy and modes of transportation
  • Closed waste loops
  • Dignified housing


In 2015, our coalition was organized by New Community Project’s Vine and Fig, a project site in Harrisonburg, Virginia creating more sustainable systems to care for the earth and empower our community. Over the past few years, we have made environmental sustainability a more visible, inclusive and viable solution for the City of Harrisonburg. As a group of organizations, we recognize the work other community groups and residents have advocated for on behalf of the environment before us. We see ourselves as a coalition that’s building upon these strides and supporting the work of a diverse array of organizations.

Our strategies include city comprehensive plan reform and the creation of an Environmental Performance Standards Committee; building relationships with electric utility companies and creating educational opportunities to strengthen regional renewable energy; advocating for more sustainable transportation options, which includes a citywide bike path system; connecting low income residents to free home weatherization; working with businesses to share best practices for sustainability and improve their environmental profiles; and strengthening local regional food systems through the formation of community gardens.