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  • Harrisonburg leads the state with the most installed solar per-capita. Residents, businesses, and organizations have shown their desire for clean energy. We need to build upon this momentum.
  • Science is telling us that we are running out of time to stop burning fossil fuels.
  • Our municipal utility (HEC) currently does not generate energy locally. HEC is owned by the City and operates under city code. City Council can change the code.
  • Our utility provides revenues directly to the City, but this model unfairly burdens low-income ratepayers. This is a tax
    on poverty.
  • If we change our utility’s business model, we can make the transition to clean energy while keeping prices low. There are many ways for HEC to have a healthy business without relying solely on fossil fuels. 
  • Energy poverty exists in our City and we can help people insulate their homes through targeted programs. We can reinvest our utility’s earnings in a better, smarter grid that helps us all lower our electricity use.
  • You can reduce your own energy use through these six effective ways
    • Eat Less Meat
    • Drive less. Walk and Bike when trips are under two miles and take the bus when you can.
    • Buy Organically Grown Foods and local when possible.
    • Recycle and compost your food waste.
    • Conserve Energy at Home.
    • Use renewable energy. After you have taken measures to use energy more efficiently, install a solar electric system for your home.

Write, email, and/or phone Harrisonburg City Council and say you want them to:

  1. Adopt a solar and wind energy requirement of 50% by 2025 and 100% by 2040.
  2. Improve energy efficiency by 25% in municipal and school operations by 2025.
  3. Incentivize energy efficiency programs to reduce energy poverty among city residents.

Address: c/o City Manager’s Office Phone: 540-432-7701

409 South Main Street, Harrisonburg VA 22801

Council Member Email
Mayor Deanna R. ReedDeanna.Reed@harrisonburgva.gov
Vice Mayor Sal RomeroSal.Romero@harrisonburgva.gov
Council Member Richard BaughRichard.Baugh@harrisonburgva.gov
Council Member Christopher B. Jones Christopher.Jones@harrisonburgva.gov
Council Member George Hirschmann George.Hirschmann@harrisonburgva.gov